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13 November 2011 @ 03:32 pm
Title: Kingdom Cho
Chapter: 1
Pairing: Kyuhyun/Sungmin, Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi, Ryeowook/Yesung
Rating: PG
Summary: Kyuyhun wants to propose to Princess Sungmin to make his sad father happy again. His father is suggesting that Zhou Mi the stable lad should accompany him on the long trip to the Princess. Kyuhyun doesn´t like the idea, cuz he´s secretly attracted to Zhou Mi.

King Cho was a rich king with a huge kingdom located in Suncheon, he had a son named Kyuhyun and a daughter who was called Ryeowook. Kyuhyun was the oldest one, his sister was four years younger than him.
They lived a pretty normal life, but one thing was missing, the King´s wife, who had died when Kyuhyun was five and turned the old man into a widow. He was often sad and his children couldn´t make him happy anymore, no matter how hard they tried. Over the years he developed a deep depression and nobody could help him out.

Especially his oldest son Kyuhyun was very aware of his father condition. He had seen his father grieving over the loss, so many times before. The queen was dying too young, so his father had to raise both children on his own. The king´s wish was to see a wife next to his his oldest son, so that he could marry soon and take over the kingdom. Ryeowook already had a husband named Yesung who was a rich business man from jejudo island. But Ryeowook was a girl and the rules said, that no girl can become the next queen, unless there is a king taking over in the first place.

"Father, how you feeling today."? Kyuhyun stepped into his bedroom, sitting on the bedpost on a sunny afternoon.
"Kyuhuyn, my Kyuhyun, i´m so glad for your visit, well, i´m feeling a little
bit better now." The King smiled at his son, voice getting weaker and weaker.
"Father" Kyuhyun began again".I thought about marriage in the last days"
"I´m very proud of you my son, what did you thought?"
"I think i should go to Daegu and propose to Princess Sungmin, i realized that she might be a good wife for me and that she has the qualifications to lead this kingdom with me. He was glad that he finally had the courage to speak up to his father.
"Marriage, to princess Sungmin, oh my Son, i´m so proud of you, finally you think about your future". The kings voice got a bit stronger and he finally seemed to have more hope in his son.

"Yes, i´m already 22 years old, i think its time to build my future life and do what a good prince has to do for himself, his family and his folk. Kyuhyun stepped away from his father "i need to go as soon as i a can, Tommorow would be good."
The King nooded, he also thought, it would be good for his son to take this step as fast as he could."Son, i dont want you to go alone, Sir Zhou Mi will accompany you"
"Sir Zhou Mi? But he´s only a stable lad, he´s not even able to handle a gun"Kyuhyuns eyes wide in shock. "But a good stable lad who knows kung fu. Kyuyhyun was unsure the Kingdom had really good watchmen and his father wants him to give him Zhou Mi?

Sir Zhou Mi was the youngest stable lad in the Kingdom, his family was really poor. So they
deceided to come to Korea ten years ago and work for the King. Zhou Mi grew up in this
system, he had no idea about another life. So he was very familiar with hard exhausting
work and an hectic day routine. He knew that nothing was for free and that you have to
work for earning it. Despite Kyuhyun and his sister who got a little bit
spoiled by their father. Zhou Mi was always smiling when he did his job. No
actually, he was smiling constantly, it seems they both belong to him, like earth and
sky. Kyuhyun couldn´t understand how a poor guy could seem so happy. He knew
Zhou Mi had not the prettiest life, but he was admiring him, that he always
could see the good things of life.

He and Kyuhyun often played with each other since they were children. The King wasn´t that happy, that both of them played with each other, because of Zhou Mis background but since Ryeowook was four years younger than Kyuhuyun he didnt complained about it. Three years ago, Zhou Mi deceided to work abroad in a factory in Shenzen leaving Kyuhyun behind.
As Zhou Mi returned from Shenzen, Kyuhyun started to notice a difference in him and
discovered that he thought of Zhou Mi looking kind of handsome, with his more matured look, He suddenly became attractive for the Prince. Back then, his heart skipped a beat, as Zhou Mi flashed him a beautiful quick smile, while feeding a little lamb in front of the stables. Another time Kyuhyun was sitting in a chair and doing homework, but got always distracted by Zhou Mi´s groaning as he carried some heavy wood bricks into the stable. He couldn´t stop staring at the chinese male muscular arms who were now totally visible, due to weather condtions. This was two months ago, and since that the Prince tried to avoid any eye contact with the stable lad. His thoughts were wrong so so wrong, a Prince could never fancy a simple worker. And then he was also a chinese man, his father once told him, wich person he is allowed to like and Sungmin was always on Top of the list.

"Oh really, Why Zhou Mi? I think Henry would be better at this job, he knows the
whole area" Kyuhyun tried to change his fathers mind, but failed miserably.
"Henry is too young and unacquaited, he would make mistakes too easily. Zhou Mi is two years older than you and has years of experience with the countryside, i trust him completely and want him at your side, i want to give my son into the right hands."

Kyuhuyn couldn´t said anything more against his father, he had to follow the older ones rules. He accepted his fathers wish, bowed to him and started to get prepared for the long journey.
24 March 2011 @ 12:48 am

actually its kind of ugly...but i had to show you.
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25 February 2011 @ 02:10 am
Title: Baking Lessons
Pairing: Yewook
Rating: PG
Summary: What happens if Yesungs Mother insists, that her son should take baking lessons, and the extremely cute pastry chef Ryeowook will give him private lessons.
A/N: first Yewook Story....nervous

"I will send you to a baking class for students".
"Mum" Yesung whined.
"No Mum, maybe you like this kind of job, and ten you will hopefully think about your future!!!"

Yesung was aware of his Mother, he was always listening to her, so he followed her plan. And on Wednesday it was his first day in a baking school in South Seoul.

,,Let me introduce myself, I´m Kim Ryeowook, pastry Chef and owner of a restaurant. The boy looked good, Yesung thought, maybe a little bit younger than himself, but really cute he had to admit.

He was dressed in a white apron with a unbottened blue shirt, therefore he had perfect white and shiny teeth and a dazzling smile.

"What i basically will teach you, is how to bake simple things like cake and cookies, later we will do pastries.


Today was the first real lesson, Yesung did his best to look good for Ryeowook. He started to get ready 2 hours before the lesson would begin, he showered, put on his new shirt and some perfume as well.

"Perfect" he said, when he looked in the mirror, checking himself out for the third time this day.

"Yesung" are you still in??" his mother yelled "hurry up, you will miss your class".

When Yesung arrived in the baking class, there was just Ryeowook standing in the kitchen, stirring something in a large red bowl.

"Hey Yesung." The other boy approached him "i didn´t saw you" Ryeowook smiled and Yesung went away in seven heaven. Ryeowook had so a wonderful, cute smile, god created to perfect things.

"uhhmmm, hi, where are the others." Yesung asked him.

"You don´t know, you booked private lessons." He smiled again, while adding another egg to the bowl."

"Huh,ohh, i din´t know, my mother is paying for me."

"Okay, so how about starting now?"


And then you add the baking soda to the other things in the bowl.
Yesung was amazed by Ryeowooks calm art of teaching, he was also amazed by his own baking knowledge. It didn´t took long until his first chocolate cake was done and in the oven.

"Why did you wanted to become a pastry chef"? Yesung asked Ryeowook, as they did the dishes.

"I guess,it started when i was a child, i really liked to work with food and then i would gave it to my parents, as they always said i had a talent for baking, so i deceided to become a cook."

Yesung was impressed, this boy wasn´t only beautiful, he also knew what he wanted. Yesung felt a very strange feeling in his stomach.

The lessons continued and Yesung learned more and more about baking, but also about Ryeowook too.

He learned that his teacher was allergic to nuts, so they would always bake without nuts. He learned that Ryeowwok was very talktative while cooking and not as shy as he was usually.

"Come here Yesung, please hold the bowl." Ryeowook said in lesson five and Yesung approached him, standing beside him and hold the bowl.

Here he could have a good view on Ryeowook, he got a very clearly view of his dark brown eyes and the cute small lips he lusted sometimes for. When Ryeowook was to busy too figure out if the recipient was right.

Ryeowook was stirring, and it seemed really exhausting for him.

"Ohh, let me, can i?" Yesung asked carefully, Ryeowook looked up and there gazes where meeting.

"Oh y--yes..." he answered hastily, handing Yesung the bowl, and stepped away.

Yesung began to stir and stir, he wanted to impress his teacher.

Ryeowook moved to the other side, he also began to developing feelings for the older male.
It started in their third lesson, when they kneaded dough together, and their hands acidently touched.

Ryeowook felt a huge jolt running through him, he didn´t know what Yesung meant to him, he was confused and sometimes scared of Yesungs closeness when they baked.

"Am I doing this right" Yesung asked, a little bit unsure if it would be right what he was doing."

Ryeowook was leaning more into his side, bending his head, eyes looking down into the bowl.

"Its not bad, but you have to stir a little bit faster, we need it to be more smooth."

Yesung gave his best and after ten minutes, he was out of breath and in need of a glass of water.


When it was the eleventh lesson, it was two days before valentines day.

"Can we bake some vanilla hearts?" Yesung was sitting at the table, checking out the baking book.

"Uhm, why"? Ryeowook was trying to put his apron on, but had obviously problems, while hearing Yesungs request.

Yesung saw that Ryeowook was in trouble and moved to him. He took the ropes of his apron and tied them.

"here let me help you." Ryeowook heard him saying, feeling his hot breath on his neck.

After Yesung was finished he went to his previous char and continued to read in the book. Ryeowook was frozen in his spot, still feeling the soft brush of the other fingers on his neck.

"I mean it`s Valentines Day in two days, and i want to give these cookies to someone special." Yesung started again.

Ryeowook was frozen, he was not sure if he heard right, he turned and was met by Yesungs gaze.

"You know, valentines day its a good time for confessing to someone that you like."
Yesungs words got softer and a gleaming look appeared in his eyes.

Ryeowook blushed, "Of course, if you want."

"Okay" Yesung smiled and Ryewook melted again.


"They look perfect" Ryeowook took the vanilla heart cookies out of the oven, Yesung was peering over his shoulder.

"Yes pretty good" Yesung replied.

"lets wrap them, so that you can give them to your dream girl." Ryeowook said, searching for some foil in the cupboard.

"its for an amazing girl, on who i have a crush on, since a few months." Yesung added.

"Ahh really." Ryeowook, commented, feeling slightly jealous of Yesungs crush.

"Yes, i hope she will like them and we can become a couple."

Ryeowook got the foil and finished wrapping all of the hearts.

"Hey, wait, you should take some too."

Ryeowook shook his head, "don´t worry, i don´t have anybody in mind, besides that i really hate valentines days"

"Why"? Yesungs asked him.

"Because society only want to make money, they completely forget that love is more important than a few bucks."

"But don´t regret it, so are we done for today?, i have to prepare my confession for her."

Ryeowook looked at Yesung with sad eyes, even Yesung began to realize that something was not right.

"Oh yes, of course you can go now, see you next week".

Yesung grabbed his bag and headed outside, Ryeowook waited until he was outside, a single tear was running down his face.

Why is live so unfair???


today was valentines day, Ryeowook got up with a sad mood, how he hated this day, everybody was extremely lovely dovey.

He had never a romantic valentines day, there was never someone who confessed to him, and schedule was busy today too.

he had 2 baking lessons and one cooking lessons today, how could he have time for some romantic encounter?

When he arrived, the whole class was decorated with valentines stuff.

"What is this." Ryeowook was pointing to the decorated walls, asking his coworker Sungmin.

"We thought its nice to have some valentine atmosphere here." Sungmin smiled, while giving Ryeowook a heart apron, "please wear this today".

The day went by very fast, Ryeowook baked and cooked the whole day, and was soon forgetting about the whole valentines issue.

He was the last one who was leaving class, while he was cleaning the sink, he was almost in tears. Because secretly he was a fan of valentines day, but spend this memorable day working and cleaning and not with his future boyfriend.

He was about to finish with the sink, when he heard a knock on the door. He didn´t paid much attention to it and continued his tasks.

"Hey Ryeowook, still cleaning"???

He stopped in his tracks, trying to find out, who the voice was belonging too. When he finally turned around he saw Yesung holding a bouquet of roses in one hand and in the other the heart cookies.

"Yesung what are you doing here, your class is on wednesday."

"I know, but i´m not here for baking." He put the flowers on the table.

Ryeowook didn´t stopped cleaning and continued his work.

"Don´t you understand Ryeowook, i´m not here for baking." he stepped into the room, right in front of Ryeowook.

"I´m here to confess." he added.

Ryeowook turned, leaning against the sink, still in his heart apron and with a tissue in his hand "So, where is she, is she visiting a class here?" Ryeowook asked.

"No she isn´t" Yesung answered more softer, stepping closer to Ryeowook."

"Nice heart", he traced the heart on the younger males apron with his fingers.

"Yesung what are you doing."? Ryeowook whimpered.

"Please don´t interrupt me, i´m trying to confess."

now Ryeowook was completely confused, he thought he was misunderstanding, did Yesung told him something about confessing, but he wanted to confess to a girl???

"Kim Ryeowook, i have feelings for you since our first baking lesson." Yesung blurted out, finally.

"Uhm...yes..." Ryeowook was speechless, he had ever dreamt of this, when he was alone at home and fantasizing about the older male.

"You´re so beautiful and your smile makes me melt, whenever i see you, my heart goes like this." He took Ryeowooks hand and placed it on his chest right were his heart was thumping.

"Can you feel it, its so damn fast, i never thought that´s possible."

Ryeowook was blushing hardly, it was to much to feel his crush erratic heartbeat through layers of clothes.

"Yesung" he sighed, enjoying the skinship of their hands.

"Ryeowook....I" Yesung came closer until their hips meet and Ryeowook was pressed with the slightest pressure against the kitchen counter.

Ryeowook could sense it, he would receive his first kiss soon, he was so nervous, was if he screwed this up?

Tears began rolling down his face, not because of the fear, but also from happiness too.

Yesung noticed his crush´s crying,"Please tell me if you have feelings for me as well"?
"Yes" Ryeowook whispered quietly, too aware too look the other guy in the eyes.

With the close proximity and Ryeowooks hand, still on his chest, Yesung felt more and more attracted to this gorgeus man. His hand wandered in the other males hair, stroking softly blonde strands.

Ryeowook hold perfectly still, due to his lack of inexperience.

"Come to the Couch." Yesung requested taking Ryeowooks hand and led him to the small couch back in the kitchen.

Once they were sitting next to each other, Yesung faced him and his hand was cupping his chin.

"Can..I kiss you Ryeowook"? he asked, eyes drifting to Ryeowooks small lips. He came closer and the other could feel his breath on his lips.

"Yesung...i..i..thi..s will be my first kiss." Ryeowook stuttered total embarrassed.

"let me show you."

Yesung captured Ryeowooks lips with his one ones. Ryeowook could felt again a huge jolt running through his body. He closed his eyes and let Yesung initiate all.

the kiss was soft and cute and it ended as soon as it had started.

"i´m so sorry, i don´t have any experience in this." Ryeowook confessed.

Yesung took his hands in his and played with his fingers, he looked his crush deep in the eyes.

"We will figure this out together Ryeowook, we will be slow, now i will teach you the recipient of love."

..mhh, more?
18 September 2010 @ 11:59 pm
Title: Like Always
Autor: zhoukyu 
Pairing: Kyuhyun/Zhou Mi
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 409
Summary: Kyuhyun didn´t like to be without his PSP, but not everytime.
Notes: First Drabble i wrote, the idea came to me when i fell asleep

,,What are you watching?”

,,Some Chinese Drama.” Siwon replied not looking at his bandmate.

Kyuhyun swallowed at the sight of Zhou Mi,
the chinese looked so good today, he had stop himself from staring at his perfect face.

He couldn´t deny that he had something for chinese guys, he liked their behavior,
their looks and also to hear them speaking in mandarin.

Unfortunately they hadn´t not that much space in the Super Junior M dorm and also in the living room.
The couch was very small and already crowded with all of the members.

,,Can we do it like always?” Zhou Mi asked Kyuhyun.

,,Yes sure.” He trembled a little as he stands up from the couch and let himself pulled into Zhou Mi´s lap
as they settled together on the couch.

Kyuhyun shifted a little in Zhou Mi´s lap for the right angle.

,,Are you comfortable.” Zhou Mi asked caressing his shoulderblades.

,,Yes” Kyuhyun said calmly, he had to stop himself from letting out a little moan, it felt just to great to sit in Zhou Mi´s lap.

Zhou Mi´s hands were now placed on Kyuhyuns tights and his slow and steady light breath tickled Kyuhyuns right ear.

It was hard to concentrate on the chinese drama with the warmth of Zhou Mi´s hands on his tights.

,,Ahhh…” he let out, covering his mouth fastly in embrassment.

,,Everything alright Kui Xian, are you in pain?” Zhou Mi asked, fingers lightly petting his hair.

,,No it´s okay” and he was afraid to do that sound again, when he felt Zhou Mi´s light touches and  heard his chinese name coming out of his Zhou Mi´s mouth.

Kyuhyun was again adjusting himself  in Zhou Mi´s lap, so that his head leaned more onto Zhou Mi´s shoulder.

,,Should I translate for you then, like always”?

,,Yes, that would be nice” Kyuhyun said playing with Zhou Mi´s ring.

Kyuhyun looked at the other members who were totally engrossed in the drama, except for Donghae, Ryeowook and Henry who were busy playing with Kyuhyuns PSPs.

Why did I lend them my babies, Kyuhyun thought to himself, but then he rembered that he was in Zhou Mi´s embrace. He felt the other mans heartbeat through layers of clothing and his accented, not perfect translation right in his ear. For the first time in his life he felt something that made him complete secure, and that made him happier than to beat his eleventh enemy.


01 August 2010 @ 07:45 pm

Title: Power off!
Author: zhoukyu 
Pairings: Qmi, slight Henwook, slight Shihan,
Genre: Romance/Comedy
Rating: PG - 13
Summary: Kyuhyun is unlucky in love with Zhou Mi, and then there is truth or dare...
Disclaimer: this is all pure fiction, non profit and it has nothing to do with the true sj
A/N: No beta, i´m sorry if there are to much mistakes^^



,,Shit“ Kyuhyun couldn´t believe it, he had just finished his fourth level when the power got off and he was sitting in his dark room.

,,Shit, why  it is so so dark.” He mumbled to himself and tried to find the light switch .

,,Kyuhyun, are you alright in there”? Ryeowook yelled trough the already dark dorm  ,,we have a electrical power outage”.

Soon all of the SJM Boys were in the livingroom who was illuminated by a lot of candles, that Hangeng found in the drawer.

,,What happened here, I couldn´t finish my game.” The maknae was very angry and furious about the situation.

,,It was my fault, I… I had….” A little voice confessed to the younger and Kyuhyun could see that it was the chinese who caused so much trouble.

,,What!!!!!! Your fault!!!! Are you crazy???? why do you do such bad things????? Kyuhyun was so on the edge his voice was so loud and it scared the poor Zhou Mi.

Kyuhuyn was so mad at his bandmember and secretly crush. Hangeng tried to save the situation, as their leader he was responsible for the band members.

,,Kyuhuyn, please don´t freak out, it was not only Zhou Mi´s fault, it was our fault too, we had to many electronical things on.

,,Kui-Xian, I shouldn´t wash my new jeans, in the washing machine, i´m so sorry.”

Ryeowook had his arm around Henry, the younger male was so scared of the darkness and felt very safe in the older ones arms.

,,Shhhh” Ryeowook whispered softly to him, tightening his grip and pulled Henry only closer.

For one minute all of the members where silent and the dorm too, but then Kyuhyun was standing up again from the couch and was standing again in front of Zhou Mi.

,,You´re so stupid Zhou Mi, the same thing happened a couple weeks ago and now you´re doing the same thing again, because of your pants fetish.”

,,Kui-Xian, i´m so sorry…I …I” Zhou Mi felt so little and guilty.

,,No Kui-Xian, you´re getting on my nerves, you´re the reason why I couldn´t finish my game level. The makane was so annoyed by the the chinese, that he deceided to leave the room. In his movements he bumped his knee against the small coffeetable and he let out a painful growl.

,,Kyuhyun, please stay with us, you can´t play your game either” Hangeng said calmly to the younger, he was sitting close to Siwon on the couch and Siwon had his head on his shoulder.

Kyuhyun felt so jealous of Hangeng and Siwon, they were a couple since a few weeks and seemed so much in love. Unfortunately Kyuhyun was unlucky in love with Zhou Mi. Since weeks he had felt so weird when being around the tall chinese, there were butterflies flying around in his stomach everytime Zhou Mi would come a little bit too close to him.

Kyuhuyn had never been in love before, but when he saw Zhou Mi for the first time and get introduced to the chinese trainee, his life changed fast. He roomed with Zhou Mi and they spend a lot of time together.

Zhou Mi would always look over Kyuhyuns shoulder, when he played on his computer, then he would ask a lot of questions about the games, even if he doesn´t know a bit of it.

Zhou Mis asking annoyed Kyuhyun, because he didn´t played computer games, so why did he wanted to know how it work?

,,Why do you want to know, how the game is working, you don´t even play computer games.” He turned his head and looked up to the other eyes.

Now he could look into Zhou Mi´s chocolate brown eyes, it scared him to death  and his heart starts to beat faster.

,,I want to understand what are you playing, I want to understand why you interested in this game” Zhou Mi answered, his gaze wandered to Kyuhyuns eyes.

Kyuhyun was so startled by him and tried to avoid the situation. ,,Look I have no time for you, I have to finish this” Kyuhyun desperately tried to push his bandmember away with very lame excuses about needing  to playing games, that he finished weeks ago.

,,But Kui-Xian, Kui-Xian…!!!!” the chinese jumped from one to the other feet around Kyuhyun.

,,Zhou Mi, STOP IT!!!!”

Kyuhyun stood up and tried to stop the crazy chinese guy but failed and ended in a happy dance with him. Zhou Mi gripped both of his hands and began to jumping through the room with him.

,,Zhou Mi!!!! let me go!!!!” the maknae  shouted

,,Not until we have finished dancing.” Zhou Mi said in a singing voice.

He started to whirl the Korean around, turned him and doing tango with him. Hangeng stepped in Kyuhyuns room and chuckeld as he saw the two guys dancing.

,,Siwon, Donghae, Ryeowook, Henry, hurry up and come to Kyuhyuns room.” Soon all of them were standing in the front door and watching the other guys dancing.

,,Wow, I didn´t know they were both so great at tango.” Siwon grinned.

,,Yeah look at Zhou Mi´s feet, a little bit akward, I would say.” Henry grinned along with Ryeowook.

,,Please save me from this monster” Kyuhyun called for help, still caught in Zhou Mi´s embrace.

,,You both look very good at dancing, keep it on.” Donghae giggled and the others also, not willing to help the snarky gamer.

,,Stop laughing you all.” Kyuhyun was angry and embarrassed at the same time.

-Flashback End-

It was now 12 pm and the power wasn´t back yet. All of the members were still in the living room, that was still dark.

,,Let´s play a game” Siwon suggested while holding Hangeng to his chest.

,,A game, you mean truth or dare”? Donghae asked, who was sitting along with Henry and Ryeowook on the couch.

,,Yes we play truth or dare, that is a very good idea.” Henry was so excited, because he played this game in canada too.

Henry sinked into Ryeowooks chest, the eternal maknae liked to comfort the younger one, he liked to take care and being responsible for him.

,,I start.” Siwon finally said ,,so Hangeng, truth or dare?”

,,Truth.” Hangeng answered fast and confident.

,,So,  Hangeng, who in this room you like the most here, besides me?”

The whole livingroom felt silent, the candles where Illuminating the room and were creating a peaceful atmosphere.”

Kyuhyun had calmed down from his angriness and was also curious who it was, he stared into Zhou Mi´s direction, the chinese was sitting the opposite chair from him. He couldn´t took his eyes of him, a little part of him was still angry, the other part wanted to comfort him, because he looked very sad and lonely in his chair.

,,I … I like Heechul” he blurted out” Soon as Hangeng had said Heechuls name, there were a lot of “oh´s” and “ah´s” from the other members.

,,Now my turn.” Hangeng said ,,Kyuhyun, I choose you, truth or dare.”?

Kyuhyun looked terrified at his leader and deceided to take a risk and to choose dare.

,,Kyuhyun, I dare you to kiss a member in this room, who is not Korean and is sitting the nearest from you.”

Kyuhyun looked through the room, not Korean, then chinese? He was asking himself. He scanned the room, Hangeng? No, he´s sitting too far from me. Then Henry?

,,Zhou Mi???” He was looking again, but it was so obvious that Zhou Mi was the nearest chinese one, who was sitting from him.

Hangeng interrupted his long thoughts.

,,So Kyuhyun, did you found out, who the person is”? The Leader asked him and all of the members eyes were on him.

,,Zhou Mi”??? He said almost in a whisper.

Zhou Mi was looking at him too and gulped at his words.

,,Hundred points, that´s right, Zhou Mi is not Korean and he is sitting the nearest from you.”

Kyuhyun couldn´t believe it, he had to kiss Zhou Mi, because of this stupid game. His crush Zhou Mi, he barely couldn´t look him in the eyes and now he had to kiss him.

,,Kyuhyun” the leader reminded him again ,,come on let´s kiss.”

Zhou Mi shuddered at the leader words, he was in the same situation as Kyuhyun. He had feelings for the snarky game freak since his debut and now he would get kissed by Kui-Xian. He didn´t know, if he should be happy or angsty.

Immediately Kyuhyun began to wet his lips and went to Zhou Mi, who was still sitting in his chair.

Zhou Mi looked up to Kyuhyun and let himself pulled up by Kyuhyuns warm hands, they were now standing before  each other and Kyuhyun pulled him close enough for a good kiss angle.

,,That´s so cute” Henry whispered only audible to Ryeowook.

,,See your plan is working.” Siwon whispered in Hangengs ear. The leader smiled, he had planned this for so long. He had seen the longing in both of the mans eyes and knew he had to help them.

Zhou Mi felt like in a dream, Kyuhyun was so close and he was so excited and nervous  about the next thing that would happen to him.

Kyuhyun gathered all his strength, he wanted to kiss Zhou Mi so badly and he also wanted to show the other that he was not the little maknae anymore.

His head began to move closer to Zhou Mi´s and their eyes were fixed on each other, soon Kyuhyun forgot that he wasn´t alone with Zhou Mi.

Carefully Kyuhyun put a hand on Zhou Mi´s waist and with his other hand he touched Zhou Mi´s cheek. He trailed his thumb over the sensitive skin and then his thumb was tracing over Zhou Mi´s lips.

The elder one was enjoying the soft touches, he was closing his eyes and also placed his hands on the younger one´s waist.

Then Kyuhyun removed his thumb and cupped Zhou Mis chin, titled his own head.

Zhou Mi was in heaven, he was exploding from happiness and joy, his heart was beating so fast and he thought his ribcage will break eventually.

There he was right standing in front of his dreamboy and his plump lips which were only a few millimeters from his own lips.

And then it happens fast, on more breath from Zhou Mi and the chinese felt a light pressure on his lips.

Kyuhyun pressed his lips onto Zhou Mi´s, after a few moments the it was over and Kyuhyun pulled away and out of Zhou Mi´s grip.

He turned  and looked at the other members who were still looking at him. He felt so embarassed and leaved the room.

,,Kui Xian” Zhou Mi yelled after him he couldn´t understand why his crush had just ran away.

,,Go after him Mimi” Donghae encouraged him and the other nodded to.

Zhou Mi was unsure and didn´t know what to do ,,I can´t, he is angry at me.” He said desperately

,,Angry, haha, he kissed you, an angry person doesn´t kiss you.” Siwon said.

Ryeowook had the same opinion ,,he really likes you Zhou Mi.” And now Henry wanted to participate in the discussion.

,,When you´re really love someone, just go for it.” Henry said so self confident, that even his boyfriend wondered where he got that from.

,,Okay, okay you all convinced me , I will go after him.”

,,Awww, so romantic” Hangeng let out and fastly covered his mouth, after his awkward, girly behavior.

Zhou Mi took all of his courage and headed to Kyuhyuns room. He knocked four times, but there was no sign.

,,Kui-Xian, are you here.” He yelled through the door.

,,No i´m here.” Zhou Mi turned around and saw his crush standing behind him.

,,Hey…uhm…” The chinese didn´t know what he wanted again from him, he was so stunned by Kyuhyun´s presence.

,,Look Zhou Mi, the kiss… I…I´m so sorry, it shouldn´t had happend, I hope you´re not mad at me”?

It was still dark in the hallway and both men couldn´t look each other in the eyes.

,,Why”? Zhou Mi whispered.

,,Because you and I, we are…”

Kyuhyun stepped closer to the taller singer ,,What are we..?” Zhou Mi was again trapped by the korean guy.

Kyuhyun didn´t spoke, instead of that he pressed his lips again against Zhou Mi´s. The elder was taking advantage of his height and pinned Kyuhyun against the door.

,,Mimi….” Kyuhyun panted as they broke for air ,,Ku Xian” the chinese also panted hard and pressed his full body against Kyuhyun who gasped at the close proximity.

Soon he felt Zhou Mi´s tongue in his own mouth and shuddered from the feeling, he moaned when he felt Zhou Mi´s tongue touching softly  his and Zhou Mi´s hands on his hips.

Kyuhyuns hands were now in Zhou Mi´s hair and he tried to press his body closer to Zhou Mi´s.

,,I think i´ve fallen in love with you, Kyuhyun.” Zhou Mi confessed finally.





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